No Regrets in 2017

Hope and No Regrets in 2017

Living a life without regrets is difficult for many of us. I've caught myself doing the "if only" thing many times this last year and I had to stop myself, with intention. Being real, we all know that  "If only" isn't our current reality, so why contemplate something that couldn't really happen. It's as trivial as wishing you bought the winning lottery ticket at a gas station in West Virginia after you find out who the West Virginian winner is. This kind of stuff doesn't really happen in real life, hence, there are no do-overs, or "wish I would have's."

Believe in Second Chances

We know we can't turn back life's clock, but what we do know is that when our hearts and minds are right, we can receive opportunity. Often from unexpected sources, and people we encountered along this path. I'm a believer that God or the higher power in our lives tends to create pathways, many that we never imagined. Those are the chances I'm talking about.

The world has dealt us an interesting hand in the last year. Many have suffered dissatisfaction and disappointment, and I have felt disheartened many a night as I lay my head down to sleep. I can't say I'm not worried, or fearful, but I know that I did my part this year and I'm grateful that my voice was heard. Do I think it made a difference, yes, but no matter the outcome I don't regret trying.  The reality we face today as a nation and a world is a confusion we created through the vulnerability of humanity. I can only pray for more acts of kindness, light, unity and love in the coming year. And I believe in it and I won't let go of hope.

So back to no regrets.. we should make a promise to ourselves to do our very best to treat others as we would want to be treated next year, and that we should exemplify kindness and hope as much as possible. Nurturing your relationships and being open to new friends is a beginning.  I believe that sharing ourselves could counter our fears and change things. Let's not wake up in 2017 with any regrets, but with hope for a personally prosperous and present year ahead.