We've all had some great ideas, some magnificent moments and made some amazing things happen that we never thought we could, and I'm pretty sure we never did it alone. After being asked many times about what was behind my decision to become a black woman in philanthropy almost 20 years ago, I always go back to the fact that I ended up somehow surrounding myself with a lot of people with guts. Some really strong, non-conformist types saw something in me and gave me opportunity. They invested in me. They never let me look at race as a barrier to success if I was working for what was inherently right, because they never did. It took just that to give my all for what I believe in. is about that journey, both the one behind, and the one ahead, and about the people who crossed my path along my personal road less traveled, cheered me on, kicked my ass, encouraged me, took chances on me, and walked beside me. None of us is at the epicenter of anything we do,  and when you are doing the next right thing with your life you quickly find out who's on your team.